2006 Summer Program
Instructor Evaluation Report

Dana Li Ling

2006 Summer Math Instructor




My instructor is always an time




My instructor is always prepared for lecture




My instructor is willing to answer my question




My instructor is knowledgeable in the subject




My instructor never chews, smokes, uses alcohol




My instructor maintains appropriate learning environment




I enjoy learning from my instructor.




I would recommend my instructor to others






Too hard but what I think of is good to be that way. This kind of lesson can be found more in TOEFL or PSAT, or any other national tests. To be honest, those kinds were very fit to us as seniors; he is a great math teacher, giving us Math problems for college students. I really liked his teachings when he discussed how to solve a complicated Math problem and relate Math in the real world; he's the best math teacher among all math teachers I've been with; he always gives us home-works which make myself familiar with the lessons; his lecture was great; I can say that he is knowledgeable in this subject. but he's too fast; maybe if he went slow, he would explain things for us to comprehend; another bad things is, he always covers lots of lessons in one week which is not easy for us; the way he explains things is not clear and I cannot understand what he's teaching, because he goes too fast, because of this, I need more time after class so I ask him specific questions and write some notes from him; I realized haw challenging math and it is very encouraging to learn math; the program should have this kind of teachers, If every class in every summer could have his kind of instructor, it would be good; this instructor teaches both the high school and college levels; still teachers should explain things more clearly and precisely to all students but not just some; it's my favorite; I enjoy learning from him because he often used real life issues when explaining something which is so challenging and good: he's very knowledgeable in math and I like him very much; he teaches us course that college students are having and I think its good because we can challenge ourselves with them and we can know these courses when entering college; I could recommend that he stays for the coming up summers; I have learned a much clearer way in solving math because he uses real life situations to compare to the lessons; I learned a lot of things in math which I can use to complete my schooling; he's a good math instructor; he taught us on our first summer in computer; as our math teacher this summer, he is very knowledgeable; he is funny and the way he teaches us tells me that he cares about us; I hope he is my math instructor until I graduate; I enjoy learning with him; he is sort of tough and also easy; in the beginning, I hate him because I didn't understand the lessons he taught but as I came so close to complete this summer, I found out that this guy is trying to prepare us for our post-secondary education; all I can say about this guy is, he is likely tough but also easy to learn with; I hope he could still be with us but I know that someday he would become one the teachers at the KHS; I just need to study hard; he teaches good but I don't know why I cannot learn ; I can do the problem many times but I cannot memorize the steps; he's funny: the program should hire an instructor like him; he brings the lesson to reality; I whish he's my math teacher in high school; he treats us like college bounders, so I really enjoy all the heavy load he's been giving us; I like the teaching of this person; It's like every after each lesson, I learn something new; He also makes the students laughed and of course I enjoy learning from him; I never get bored in this class; I learned a lot; you should continue using him; I'm very glad I got a chance to be in his math class, because he taught me a lot of things which I didn't expect to know in one single quarter; although I hated the content of his daily schedule, I'm glad I finally mad it through the challenges no more that this and that; perhaps, just once the program could hire a Kosraean for math instructor, because sometimes it's really hard for us to understand the material and we find it hard to question further; yes, he was preparing us for college but sometimes it was too much for me and that's when I get bored, anyways I'm glad he was preparing us for college; during the six weeks until now, I would say I didn't understand what this instructor was teaching us; he gave me many things that I have saved in my brain; he's very good and he explains things clearly; he's like a father of math because even-though it's hared he makes it easier; I also enjoy the way he lectures but sometimes he gets confused because he uses other formula other than what is being used to solve problems; he prepares very well by taking all the materials that he will need for the lecture;


He helped us a lot both in English and Math which I kind of like; He's not tough, yet he's so educated, unlike other instructors; I don't really understand about what we were going until now; I learned something about the subject but very little; he's good at lecture and in teaching the course; I think he is the smartest math teacher; I want him to keep slaw down and answer my question clear; he's a good professor, but he sometimes didn't answer my question; job well done; I don't have anything to say that you have to improve; he's very good; he's knowledgeable in what he teaches; keep up the good work; he's going so fast on his lecture and I want him to stop telling us old stories when we're in the middle of his lecture; I want the program to help me with my grades; I learned a lot even-though I confused a bit: I guess some could never learn; he was really bad in teaching so I want him out.


He's faster and more difficult in the way he speaks: my favorite subject when I was still in Elementary school, but now I hate it because I couldn't understand it; Instead of going away from it, I take notes to learn more, but of course, I learn a lot; what I want to share is, I really want my tutors to help me or teach me on this course, because I need more help; I'm interested in his teaching and he's really goad in math: I wish I could have more time to study and do my home-works; he's a good instructor but sometimes I didn't understand some of the new lessons and most of the time we took home home-works; he's another good instructor; he's so advanced in doing things to us but I think it is good for us; actually I want him to talk about our lesson for the day without adding some stories, because I will not have enough time to write what he's writing on the board; he's good because he has more knowledge on the subject he's teaching; he did well, but sometimes I didn't get to the main point that he's trying to talk about; he goes very fast and he does not give us something because of his speed; he gives us our grade without telling us how we get it; always teach without specific explanation; I want him to teach another subject because he always confuses me in math and he always uses calculator; he's good and his teaching is understandable, but whenever I never get the point on what he's teaching, because sometime he's going so fast, nevertheless, he's good in teaching; I like to listen to him because he's good and he's an American, too; his teaching is 100% good, but he like to talk about historical thing; he's fun and I want him to be here next year, too: I like his stories, they're very convincing with good advices; he's knowledgeable to Math, but he's suppose to give appropriate lessons to us; this subject helps me a lot; he starts talking to himself when he islecturing: on the first three weeks, I didn't have any understanding on my learning in math that made me flung in the mid-term, but after that I realized that it was easier if I kept on trying and not to give up. After mid-term I tried my best to focus on his lectures and at the same time asked questions; he's willing to answer my questions and it seemed like he's one of my best instructors, because he usually gave advise to us before he started lecturing;