College of Micronesia-FSM


DIRECTIONS: Please carefully evaluate the following as they relate to this instructor and course. Circle the number that best indicates your answer to each statement. DO NOT sign your name.

  1. Keeps regular schedule, every class day
  2. Shows interest in the subject.
  3. Gives individual help as needed.
  4. Avails himself/herself for student conference.
  5. Welcomes questions, suggestions, and discussions from students.
  6. Shows interest and respect for students.
  7. Helps the students in meeting Individual learning needs.
  8. Uses classroom/lab time fully.
  9. Provides clear directions for assignment and instruction.
  10. Grades fairly and frequently.
  11. Makes the purpose of the course clear.
  12. Talks clearly and at an easy-to-follow speed
  13. Lessons are well paced with acitivity as well as lecture.
  14. Makes the course Interesting.
  15. Textbook was appropriate and helpful.


1 =  Never
2 = Rarely
3 = Sometimes
4 = Usually
5 = Always