White Flower

Shrue swears by White Flower.  Before you put on the baby's shirt prior to going out, apply one tiny dab to each shoulder of the shirt (preferably the shirt seam) and then put the shirt on the baby.  Shrue says this helps keep the baby from getting colds and flus.  Marlin gets passed around to dozens of people at airports, church, and other functions, but he stays healthy.  Shrue says it is the White Flower.  Be careful not to get it on the baby's skin: it is too strong for their skin.  Just put it on their on their clothing.  A colleague of mine, Mellanie Lee, picked up Marlin one day and asked, "Is he wearing white flower?" she asked.  "How did you know?"  I replied.  "My grandfather always used white flower everyday.  Marlin smells like my grandfather, I haven't smelled that smell in a long time."  So I guess adults use it too.

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