Shanalin Turns Three!

Shanalin and her kawuck Mary Rose
Shanalin and Mary Rose Shanalin and Mary Rose

Shanalin shares her birthdate with Sepe, Cassandra's is a day later. All three girls were feted Saturday night.
Birthday girls: Shanalin and Sepe Midley Shrew (20th), Cassandra Talley Melander (21st)

Some of those who gathered to celebrate. Shana is with Mary Rose on Serlina's lap. Marlin is between Kyogi and Eden, Robert is behind Marlin. Kyogi and Robert are new neighbors. Josaiah, Bobo, Kathy, and Maureen are along the wall.
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Nena and Jusda joined the birthday party
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Other photos that evening

Shanalin Kenye Insetlang Lee Ling Shanalin and her kawuck Mary Rose

Marlin Lee Ling Marlin Sharisey Lee Ling Hannah Kilafwasru Jusda Elesha Kilafwasru

Peterson Benjamin and wife Maureen Baby Jeff

The cake:
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One for the old fashioned album:
Shanalin sepia tone