Pohnpei Map Sections: From the Dausekele to College

Overview: College to Dausekele.  The College is located at the extreme lower left in the area marked "Nan Mall."  Lewetik, Nett, is on the far right side of the map.

collegenln.jpg (199376 bytes)

Segments from Nett to Palikir in North to South order.  Lewetik, Nett is the area near Lipwour on the right side of the map.  The road from the College is the red and white striped line coming onto the map at the lower left corner.  The road run up through Kolonia and then out to and across the bridge at "Dausokele."

kolonianett.jpg (180186 bytes)

Here the main road winds through Sekere.

sekere.jpg (143338 bytes)

The College is located at the nest of buildings around "Nan Mall."

palikirnanmall.jpg (109471 bytes)

Nett Loop:

nettloop.jpg (98288 bytes)

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