Making Kosraen Pies and Other Odd Ends

Pie production line: Elterina, Salome, Yonis, Jusda Satisfied customer! (Sharisey) Elterina and Salome on the pie line

An effort by Kosraens in Nantipw-Dolokai Nett, Pohnpei.  Above are images of a Kosraen family production line working on Kosraen pies.  A satisfied customer can be seen in the middle image.

Sharisey 991028Night talking

Talking late into the night and braiding one another's hair are two important social activities around here.

Moon bow (with enhanced section)

Every so often the sky serves up a delight, such as this ice bow around the moon.

New to Micronesia is a lace that shines like gold in the sun.  This lace is sometimes called "fourteen caret" lace.  The lace first appeared out here in Chuuk, available from a single store.  In late 1999 a store on Pohnpei owned by a Chuukese began supplying the lace to Pohnpei.  During Christmas 1999 many returning Kosraens brought dresses with the lace as gifts, and so now the lace can be seen on Kosrae as well.

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Image of baby (112 Kb)
Image of baby and grandfather (93K)

Defanging Desktops
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