Mr. and Miss Nanpei Memorial High School 2007

Random outdoor shots from before the start of a local fundraising pageant. Competition was organized by municipality. Trucks doubled as floats for the pre-pageant parade. The municipalities are all in Kitti, Pohnpei, in the Federated States of Micronesia.






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030345wone (47K)

Preparation includes a rub down with coconut oil. While in other cultures money is spent to remove oil from the skin, here dry skin is not a mark of beautiful, healthy skin.

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Western connotations of "dressing up" are intermingled with more local approaches to attire.

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Degakwihda Peter

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The village of Rohi has accompanied their prince and princess with a dancing entourage.

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Flower girls and best men escort the team leads into the pageant hall.

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