Kamadipw en wahu kousapw (koausapw) Pehleng, Pohnpei

13 October 2007

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Over 130 yams were in place prior to kamadihp.

13663kehp (75K)
08:37 Kehp (yams)

13665kehp (57K)

13668uhm_prep (64K)
Uhm foundation

13671sugarcane (83K)
09:06 Sehu: ugar cane bundles

13672canestalks (56K)
Four Cane stalk detail

13672canestalks02 (57K)
Varieties of sugar cane

13672daniels_william (71K)
09:06 All in readiness, Nanihd en Onohnleng Dakker Daniel on the left, Nansau sed en Pehleng Mitsuo Daniel on the right.

13676theband (42K)
Kenny and band played on

Soaukisoa arrived at 09:46. Known for punctuality and being on time, the king arrives a few minutes early.

13678sakau (71K)
09:53 Sakau arrives

13680lycopodium (48K)
Lycopodiella cernua mwarmwar

13682konok (38K)
Piper ponapense mwarmwar: protection against kau. Bendura Ioanis

13683pig (53K)
Kehp, sehum, sakau, and pig. All of the ingredients are in place.

13684sharisey (43K)

13685betelnut_mwarmwar (64K)
10:06 A modern reinterpretation of a mwarmwar: betelnut mwarmwar

13686betelnut_mwarmar_detail (57K)
Betelnut mwarmwar detail

13690uhm (49K)
10:24 Final rock stacking on the uhm by Kirou ihd Pehleng

13691ioanis_william (41K)
William Ioanis

13693men (66K)
Time for talking. Luen ririn Kitti in white headband on the left, Oaron Isipau to his right. Nalik Onohnleng in back along the yam line. Soulik en Pohndake at the front facing right. Soumaka Nanrohi, Peliental Nanrohi en leng Pehleng Esthak Theres on the right facing left speaking.

13700angie_joab (50K)
Angie Joab

13703balloon_children (59K)
Children collect the balloons

13704men (62K)
As nopwei continues to arrive, there is still time to talk. Luen Nanpei Moahk seated, Kanikihn Akahk on the left.

13708daniel (51K)
Dakker Daniel

13710detrickson (59K)
Detrickson Daniel

13712nahs (64K)
Inside the nahs, Soaukisoa in place.

13715pig (53K)
A large pig destined for the uhm

13717pehleng_elementary (60K)
11:03 Pehleng elementary school is just up the road

13718jelly (52K)

13721planning (65K)
Planning and discussion. Luen Dol Lap on the left.

13722teetake_yeeting (42K)

13723solpesio (46K)
'Tis a political season. Luen en Imeloang Luhk Solpesio T. Salvador arrives.

13724miguel (64K)
Sourikohn Dirensapw McKarry Miguel

13725twins (61K)
Popsicles for twins

13726kids_onyams (77K) 13727seri (41K)
Kids clamber around the yam racks

13730uhm (62K)
11:31 Uhm coming up to full heat

13732sweeter (57K)
Sweeter Daniel

13734writing (41K)
Writing down who has come to the kamadipw

13736danceleeanne (59K)
Danceeleeanne Daniel

13742joab (52K)
Lepen Mand Joab Santos

13746kids_pigs (63K)
Pig cleaning with onlookers.

13752uhm_break (60K)
12:34 Breaking the uhm

13755uhm_heat (66K)
The basalt rocks are reminded of their previous state as lava, the ancient heat

13762kehp_uhm (76K)
12:36 Kehp laid in uhm to cook

13766daniel (59K)
Coordinating activities

13767baby_quad (70K)
Four women with four babies, these are whole family events and a chance to introduce the community to the newest additions

13769serapein_hair (26K)
There is time to rearrange one's hair in a quieter corner

13770twins (59K)
Popsicles finished, the twins amble about to meet the community

13771tony_sarapio (46K)
Tony Sarapio

13772winciner (69K)
Kiroun en Poail (Soumas) Winciner David, Riting en Kepihlang

13774babygirl (46K)
A baby girl

13778goupshot (71K)

13779tickling (58K)
A moment of tickling and laughter, of playing around. Angie Joab, Kanikihn Akahk

13780student (55K)
Also a time too look good

13782maimi_ioanis (52K)
Maimi Ioanis and sister

13786soukise (52K)
13:28 Soukise presiding over the kamadipw

13787sharisey (39K)

13788weeter (48K)13788toni (36K)
Daniel, Samuel families

13789jg_jelly (40K)
Jonathan Gourlay and daughter

13790sakau (63K)
13:41 Sakau enters the nahs

13794ohlen_pohnpei (60K)
Ohl en Pohnpei

13797barnson_conch (49K)
Blowing conch shells to herald the entrance of the sakau

13800mikary (43K)
McKarry Miguel

With the departure of Soukise just prior to three in the afternoon, the guests start heading home

13802rosa (57K)
14:59 Rosa Kitti departs

Although I too headed home, Jonathan remained behind, working his way through a second sakau stone.

External link to the Kamadipw en Wahu, Koasop Pwudoi, November 2007 photographed by Souwel en Palikir.