19 October 2007

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Legends of a hot new market hidden in the hills below the national capital drew a team of three into the hitherlands to seek the fabled ekisekis market. Marketing experts have yet to arrive to explain optimal signage deployment.


Quaint, rustic, a touch muddy might all be applied. Markets are not judged by their ambience but by kavalactone count.


The surroundings are stunning. The touch of color, however, is an invasive species.


Jungle clad tropical mountains rise in all directions.


Service style is fairly typical for a 2007 market. Locally pounded and squeezed sakau is sold by the bottle. These adventures are best reserved for the locally trained colon. Nansapwe's revenge is a strong risk on the backways for visiting tourists. The brew was strong without katik overtones. As with any bottled brew, the kavain is thin to non-detectable. The punch is in the DHM and DHK sleepy-time lactones.