Harvey Segal 80th Birthday celebration

The following images are from Saturday 24 February 2007 at Misko beach resort on the occasion of the 80th celebration of Harvey's birthday. Friends and three generations of family gathered to celebrate the birthday of the father and grandfather of teacher education in Micronesia. The images are in chronological order. These order does not necessarily make the most sense thematically or in terms of the flow of an organized story about the evening. They are the moments that evening in the order in which they occurred for this author.

Before the evening began there was the usual routine of scrubbing up of children and preparing of food that is common to all cultures preparing for a celebration. The children and the fruit salad will appear again later in the evening.

Marlin, Shanalin, Sharisey

Misko beach is located in a picture perfect location for father and daughter pictures near sunset on the beach.

Brian Lynch Brian Lynch

And for pictures of friends.

Dana and Benson taken by Brian

Friendly and outgoing, this next generation youngster walked up and shook my hand.

Eugenia and Peter's daughter

Gathered friends and family.

Iris Falcam and Yvette Adams Eden and Julia (Nena) Skilling

The master of ceremonies for the evening was Dr. Richard Womack. Here he is making a particularly trenchant talking point while the lovely Mrs. Womack looks on.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Womack

Lore Nena

The gathered guests included those who had been his students at Utwe elementary school in the 1960s.

Serlina Taulung Serlina Taulung, Virginia Bobo (Mike) [Josaih] Waguk, Notwe (Jack) Asher, Juanita in the background

Ken Girrard, Noel Boylan Loren Peter, wife Enerica, Tulpe Waguk.

Mellyanne Mallarme Yonis Kilafwasru, Tulpe (Shrew) [Wilson] Waguk, Shrue Kilafwasru Yonis (Kilafwasru) [Cordy] Nena Marlin

With word that Harvey was en route, a hush fell over the room. The pretense under which Harvey was laboring was that he was going to dinner with his children to celebrate his birthday at Misko. A small family dinner out to mark the turning of another decade. He was not told that there were a few more people than his own children. Cars were tucked behind the restaurant, except for a few cars he would not recognize to give the illusion that the restaurant and resort was open and operating as normal. When he walked in, the entire gathering shouted, "Surprise!" Fortunately his 80 year old heart is a strong one.

Abigail (Nena), Harvey, and Lillian

Surprise! Surprise!

Spensin James, Podis Pedrus, and Dr. Brian Isaac

Lillian Segal

Lillian Segal

Shrue (Kilafwasru) Lee Ling, Shanalin, Yonis (Kilafwasru) Nena.

Shrue (Kilafwasru) [DAna] Lee Ling, Shanalin, Yonis (Kilafwasru) [Cordy] Nena

Podis Pedrus, Dr. Brian Isaac, Gordon Segal

Podis Pedrus, Dr. Brian Isaac, Gordon Segal

Former Utwe elementary student Julia (Nena) Skilling.

Julia (Nena) [Eden] Skilling

Harvey thanks everyone and shares stories from his past.

Harvey Segal

Marlin listens to Harvey

794edwin (22K)

795kids (44K)

Harvey speaks 797harvey (45K)

Harvey sings "Continental Micronesia Ponape", a song he wrote for the PONTEC (Pohnpei Teacher Education Center) band at the dedication of the Ponape (later Pohnpei) International Airport. The new airport allowed for the first time the landing and take-off of jet airliners. Continental Micronesia began service using Boeing 727 jets that "island hopped" from Honolulu to Johnston, Majuro, Kwajalein, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk and Guam. The flights quickly became known as the island-hopper.

Harvey sings

The clever organizers of the evening put a white helium balloon at each table. This allowed the digital papparazzi to white balance their images at any chosen depth of field. While the details are technical, these balloons were a real photo editors friend! Also of help were white table cloths, and the choice of white paper for the programs. Time and again these choices allowed the balancing of shots that were otherwise taken under difficult tungsten lighting circumstances.

Misko restaurant interior shot

Elterina Kilafwasru serves water to the gathering.

Elterina Kilafwasru


Maryrose and Shanalin prepped for the re-enactment of the 1964 dance.

Maryrose and Shanalin

Attending the celebration were former students of Harvey Segal from his classes in Utwe in the 1960s. These elementary school students included some who danced in 1964. Dance was lost on Kosrae, a result of missionary influences in the 1800s. As part of a fundraiser in 1964, Harvey Segal re-introduced dance to Kosrae. He obtained initial clearance from the last living missionary, German missionary Anna Dederer. This gave him the leverage to gain the acquiescence, if not outright permission, from the church elders of Utwe. For the first time in a hundred years dancing was seen and heard on the island of Kosrae. Notwe, Jane, and Serlina were students of Harvey. Virginia "Bobo" Waguk's husband Josaiah was also a student of Harvey Segal in Utwe.

Notwe (Nena) [Jack] Asher, Jane Waguk, Virginia (Mike) [Josaiah] Waguk, and Serlina Taulung

Notwe, Jane, and Bobo.

Notwe, Jane, and Bobo

Harvey watches as his dance from forty-three years ago comes back to life with a third generation of children.

Harvey Segal

Dance Dance Gina, Lerina, Maryrose

Outfit adjustment on Shanalin by Kathy.

Costume adjustment

A third generation dances for Harvey. Shanalin Dance Dance Kosraen warriors

Harvey is moved by the occasion to join the dance he choreographed in 1964.

819harveydances (73K)

Tulpe (Shrew) [Wilson] Waguk

820harvey_tulpe (52K)

Bobo dances at the rear left while Tulpe is on the chorus line.

Bobo and Tulpe dance!

The group then sang songs.

Singing 825serina_tulpe (50K)

Tulpe, Kathy, and Jane sing along.

Tulpe, Kathy, and Jane sing along

827song (45K) 828song (48K)

Beautiful backup singers: Kosraen college students and their friends.

Leilani, Mira, Carsina, Joanne, Candina, Elterina

Eden, Julia, Kenye Martinez

Emliana and Gordon.

Emliana (Nedlic) and Gordon Segal

Jake Pactmutuc


Lillian, Harvey, Shanalin

Sarah Sarah, Shanalin, Maryrose

Tulpe and Kathy


Mellyanne 845dancer (32K)

Spensin and Harvey

Cake cutting time. In the second shot Harvey is joined by his granddaughter.

Cake Cake

Papa Harvey dances with his daughter.

Harvey and Lillian Lillian and Harvey

Abigail (Nena) Segal

The Kosraen hostesses celebrated with frosting.

Carsina, Leilani, Joanne, Diane Diane, Joanne, Carsina

Harvey Canston Segal

Can you feel the love?

Leesen, Joanne, Diane, Leilani, Elterina, Lona Joanne, Leesen, Leilani, Elterina. Lona and Emliana at the back Joanne, Leesen, Diane, Leilani