Johnny Salvador weds Tulpe Truman Waguk

At Wone, Luak, Kitti

07 April 2004

Preparation of the uhm at Luak.
Wone Luak Kitti Pohnpei uhm Wone Luak Kitti Pohnpei uhm

At the Catholic Church in Wone.
Wedding at Catholic church Wone Kitti Pohnpei Blessing the union

Johnny presents Tulpe with her ring.
Johnny Salvador

Saying "With this I thee wed," Tulpe presents Johnny with his ring.
Tulpe Truman Salvador

The Wone Choir
Wone Kitti Pohnpei choir

Thus life together starts.
Salvador Salvador, Johnny Salvador, Tulpe Truman Waguk, Sinali Salvador

Guests at the church...
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Aunts and grandaunts...
Elena Salvador Yamada, Sincer Anson Salvador Mika Salvador Miguel Mika Salvador Miguel

From Nett and Kitti...
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Guests at the nahs in Wone Luak Kitti Pohnpei included Kosraen relatives of Tulpe
Kathy Benjamin, Serlina Taulung, Shrue Kilafwasru Lee Ling Jody Benjamin and newly minted Tulpe Johnny Salvador

Granduncle and cousin...
Thomas Miguel Maiuleen Gallen and child

Johnny still knows his way around a nahs. Solpesio Salvador is on his right.
Johnny and Solpesio Salvador Johnny 'Sonny' Salvador

Bride Tulpe with their child Jayrick
Tulpe Johnny Salvador and son Jayrick.

The evening ends as all good evenings should in Wone Luak with the stones singing the song of sakau for a new generation of Salvadors at Luak. The stones, for years silent, have been brought back to life with the return of the eldest son. The weeds have been whacked and the nahs painted. At night the nahs is lit brightly by fluorescent lights and the sound of laughter and mirth fill the night air. And once again the stones sing.
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