Jansen Santos - Daphne Anson wed

28 July 2007 Nan Mand, Kitti, Pohnpei

Held at the Nan Mand chapel, the wedding was attended by the extended Santos, Anson, Hadley, and Nanpei families. The Soumas en kousapw attended, arriving early.

0728731soumas (49K)

The guests included many former students of the college, family, and friends.

0728750mothertobe (65K)

0728753nanpei (43K)

Youser Anson and his wife, parents of the bride.

0728764youser (43K)

A local seamstress noted that she had not seen the fabric used in their matching outfits on island, the fabric may have come from off-island. The wedding showed great planning and attention to detail. Jocelyn Anson Nanpei appeared to be a lead wedding coordinator. Joab and Cinderella Hadley Santos, parents of the groom.

0728765joab (40K)

Reverend Gibson Santos speaking to the happy couple.

0728766ceremony (62K)

Jansen had composed his own vows in Pohnpeian and spoke them to Daphne from memory. The words were powerful and moving testaments to his eternal love for her. Then Daphne spoke her vows to Jansen in English pledging herself to him and speaking of him as her only love. The ceremony was short and powerful, a well-crafted mix of the traditional and the modern.

0728768vows (61K)

Following the ceremony the happy couple greeted the congregation at the Nan Mand chapel. Rosalinda Salvador greets Jansen, her mother Eunice Anson Salvador just behind her.

Rosalinda Salvador, Eunice Anson Salvador

Jennifer Santos.

Jennifer Santos

The children had their own food line.

0728790childrensline (64K)

Gibson Santos, Joab Santos.

Gibson Santos 0728799joab (46K)

0728801jennifer (45K)

Jocelyn Anson with daughter.

0728821jocelyn_withchild (44K) 0728822anson_girls (72K)

Daphne and Jansen Santos.

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Anson women all.

Women of the extended Anson family

Sandra Santos.

0728830sandra (51K)

Dusty, Jenson, Joab, Cinderella, Sandra, Jennifer with the newlyweds.

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0728839daphne_jansen (38K)

Daphne Santos.

0728843daphne (32K) 0728852daphne (27K)

Extended family.

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