Funeral of William Olter

William Olter passed away on the afternoon of Friday the 16th of February, 2007. The following images are in time sequence order. All errors are those of the page editor and photographer. All spellings are the figment of the imagination of this author.

William Olter was born in Malem, Kosrae. He was 86 years old at the time of his death. As a result of his heritage, Kosraens from Malem joined the funeral. The Kosraen contingent arrived in Wone, Kitti, at 10:21 in the morning.

Kosraen women in Wone

At the family home at 10:35 women are preparing food for the family and friends who will gather during the day.

021727foodprep (52K) 021728li (76K)

Sakau and yams arrive at the nahs. The sakau is carried inot the nahs.

021731sakau (74K) 021732sakau_enters (66K) 021733kehp (59K)

Gathered family and friends spread out under the trees around the family home, settling in for the day.

In the nahs, the women sit up on the left and right platforms.

021735nahs_left (64K)

021734gathering (148K)

Sakau is pounded for Nahnmwarki, who sits at the front of the nahs in the upper center of the image.

021736sukisuk (46K)

Those who serve and defend Nahnmwarki sit in front of him.

021738nahnmwarki (45K)


021739nahnowa (45K)

021740kehp (60K)

Squeezing the sakau - wengiweng - in preparation for the nohpwei.

021741wengiweng (47K)

The menindei calls titles to the cup while holding the center post at 10:54.

021744sapw (58K)

Cipriano Pablo speaks to some at the gathering.

021745cipriano_pablo (37K)

Yams are still arriving at the nahs, along with pigs and sakau.

021746kehp (57K)

Rosa en Kitti.

021752rosa (49K)

Refreshments are brought in for the Nahnmwarki and other high titles.

021753plate (63K)

Cipriano addresses the kosapw and guests explaing why we have gathered.

021754menindei (67K) 021755purpose (20K)

021756nahnmwarki (47K)

021757nahs_in_motion (68K)

021758pig (46K)

021762aroundstone (84K)

Kosraen deacons Eden Skilling and Yosiwo George are called up to the platform at 11:19. Deacon George had stayed with Cipriano Pablo's family in the late 1960s during a Peace Corps training as a Kosraen language trainer. Connie Isaac (later marrying Takumi George) stayed in Wone, Luak, with Frederico Salvador during that same summer.

021763eden_yosiwo (51K)

Eden is presented the ngarangar by the Nahnmwarki.

021764kosraen_cup (52K)

Eden with the Nahnmwarki.

021766eden_nahnmwarki (41K)

021767menindei (53K)

021768wincener (47K)

021769eden_yosiwo (47K)

Wilson Olter's wife Justina.

Justine Olter

Mihka Miguel.

021771mika (43K)

Thomas Miguel.

Thomas Miguel 021774thomas_miguel (27K) 021775thomas_miguel (34K)

The uhpeileng peitehl is set-up just after 11:29. The author stops taking pictures to assist with sukisuk on the uhpeileng peitehl. By 12:03 wengiweng on the uhpeileng peitehl is underway.

sakau wengiweng sakau wengiweng

Just after the shot above a ngarangar is handed to the author. The author spends the next four hours performing traditional duties, and not with any skill. Sakau, yams, and pigs are presented during this time frame. Just after three in the afternoon, the number of pigs to be brought in exceeded the space available in the nahs, so the uhpeileng peitehl was closed. I was shifted to the uhpeimwahu peitehl for a short time. With the distribution of the pigs, and the finishing of the sakau on the uhpeimwahu peitehl, I was able to return to taking pictures at 3:58 in the afternoon. At this time the casket was brought into the nahs for church service. With thanks to Warren Ching, a single shot of me was captured at 2:59 in the afternoon.

DCFC0031a (23K)

The casket enters the nahs.

021778casket (48K)

Service was held in the front of the nahs.

021779service (55K)

By 4:23 the service was ended and the gathered friends and family walked up to the graveside for the burial. Joe Habuchmai heads up the hill.

021780walking_up (62K)

021781flower_girl (72K)

021782 (60K) 021783pallbearers (63K)

Gathering at the graveside, Wilson Olter in the gray shirt.

021784wilson (71K)

Augustine Damarlane.

Augustine Damarlane 021786graveside_service (69K)

Sinali Salvador.

021787sinali (48K)

Castro, Eugene and Mayliza.

021788castro_eugene_mayliza (65K)

Sakau loaded for delivery.

021789pickup_sakau (47K)


021790lino (56K)


021791sakau (66K)

Friends and family gather for evening sakau.

021792evening_sakau (66K)

A second massive sakau plant is loaded onto the pick-up truck.

021794second_sakau_pickup (58K)

Comforting the next generation.

021795next_generation (24K)

021796 (57K)

Cleaning the evening sakau.

021797cleaning_sakau (61K)

Masaro Olter.

Masaro Olter

Alfred Olter.

Alfred Olter

Frying evening food at 5:31 in the early evening.

0217a0frying (79K)

Sylvia Henry

Sylvia Henry

0217a3family (57K) 0217a4 (62K)

0217a5eating (38K) 0217a7 (57K)

William Olter's hut in the evening light at 5:35.

0217a9 (65K)