Lee Ling Clan Summer 2001

Summer 2001 the Lee Ling family home in Dolihner, Nett, Pohnpei added three COMFSM students, Gloria Talley, Louise Etse, and Swina Asher.

Gloria Talley 04 July 2001Louise Etse and MarlinMarlin and Shrue July 2001

Swina Asher and MarlinSwina is one of three students staying with us this summer

Louise EtseSharisey Joel 05 July 2001

Gloria Talley cooks!Lounging in the living room in Dolihner

Marlin and Gloria 07 July 2001The clan summer 2001: Gloria, Louise, Marlin, Swina, Sharisey, Shrue

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Marlin stands 27 July 01Marlin walks!Marlin drives a car!
Marlin plops!Shortly after mastering walking, Marlin takes up dressing in drag and going out.Marlin and Abigail Kim
From the island of the sleeping lady...... we bring you the comatose lady!
Really sleeping? Not if a good looking guy shows up!Damien, Sepe, Sharisey, Shrue, Marlin, Dana, Shrue Phillip
Supervisor!Godaro Lorrin explains things to Marlin
Brunch at the Village!Hannah and Godaro
Godaro and company
Margarita Ponapart and Shrue Phillip

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