Hannah and Marlin at play. Marlin's obsession: trucks. Yes, that is a Fisher Price barn from thirty something years ago. Originally played with by Dana, Linda, and Robbin!

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Above my filing cabinet is a color picture of me as a baby sitting on the prow of a white wooden boat in lake Van Etten. The boat bears the number MC3986BB. The picture sits high and to the side of the direction I face in the office, so I do not often notice it. When I looked at it this morning I recognized the chubby face and odd smile with an abrupt suddening. While all parents think their kids look like them, the baby on the boat is the spitting image of fat little Shanalin Kenye.

020503marlin.jpg (20280 bytes) 020503shanalin.jpg (21578 bytes) Dana on Uncle Donald Stech's boat on Lake Van Etten circa 1960.

Marjorie Lee Ling sent some wonderful outfits, modeled by the kids below.

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020503marshar300.jpg (19174 bytes)Marlin's latest sentence is "Weese eed hah keem oahk," which roughly translates to "Louise eat ice cream luk." More grammatically, Louise gave Marlin ice cream to eat. The "luk" is Kosraen for "mine." Wohwohs (Shanalin) does not have any sentences and probably won't talk for the next three years as her mouth is too continuously full with food to bother with talking. Sharisey graduates on Sunday from Kindergarten.