Round Pohnpei Trip Saturday
16 February 2002

At the Lehn Mesi river

The Lehn Mesi flooded and washed out the far bank this winter.

020216lehnmesi.jpg (45939 bytes)

Louise Etse, Hannah Kilafwasru, Marlin Lee Ling, Darlynda Talley, Sharisey Joel bathing.

020216loudarshredpool.jpg (41469 bytes)020216poolhanshreddarmar.jpg (25311 bytes)020216marbathpool.jpg (21068 bytes)

Darlynda and Marlin, Sharisey

020216darlyndamarlin.jpg (46761 bytes)020216shariseysquat.jpg (47097 bytes)

Shrue Lee Ling, Ruthrosie Likiak, Shanalin Kenye Lee Ling, Louise, Marlin, Darlynda

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Wone Luak Pohnpei

The lower house: the nahs is gone

020216wonedeskos.jpg (43882 bytes)

Inside the main nahs 2002

020216woneinnahs.jpg (30407 bytes)

The saw mill and new house.  Paul "Nalik" Salvador's project.

020216wonenewhouse.jpg (75256 bytes)

Coffee on the veranda will be particularly spectacular!

020216woneviewfromporch.jpg (49925 bytes)

Salvador "Luwon" Salvador

020216woneluwonyam.jpg (52378 bytes)

Pohnpei Agriculture and Technical School

Giant clams (Tridacna) and a photo of the facility

020216patsclams.jpg (30340 bytes)020216patsmarinecenter.jpg (30431 bytes)

020216patsdanamarlin.jpg (26415 bytes)020216patsmarlinboat.jpg (35685 bytes)


020216patsmarlinboat300.jpg (31084 bytes)

Back home again in Dolihner: Louise, Shanalin, Darlynda, Marlin, Hannah

020216familycarhood.jpg (28448 bytes)020216louise.jpg (23797 bytes)

Marlin and Shanalin as possible hood ornaments

020216marlinshanacarhood.jpg (16085 bytes)020216marlinshanacarhood02.jpg (17584 bytes)

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