Christmas 2004

Kosrae Congregational Church on Pohnpei

Shanalin and Mary Rose were on lead in the children's marching choir and the bulk of the pictures are of them, although the presence of an audience left them a tad shy to sing. Other images include Marlin singing - with gum in his mouth, an image of the Women's Christian Association choir, and the group one choir. As the photographer was marching in group two, no images of this group were captured.

Etawi Srisrik

Mary Rose and Shanalin outside the church ready to enter. Emliana tries to sheperd her flock while the lead lambs chatter with each other in lieu of singing. The plastic spike balls on the necklace have blinking LEDs in them, the stars they carry also have a blinking light. Etawi srisrik forms the letter M for Merry Christmas. The little hearts inside the star wands spin when a button is pushed. Marlin marching. A closer look shows gum in his mouth. He is quite proud of his watch. Muhtacn srisrik The children's choir marches out of the church. Shanalin Lee Ling Shana and Mary Rose were identically dressed including their earrings and the silver necklaces that they wore.

122514srisrik_choir_200 (46K)

Women's Christian Association

Abigail Nena, Mada Asher Kim, and Maureen Benjamin among others.

Group One Choir

Right wing of group one.  Emliana on right side of this image. Emliana Nedlic Segal, Carla Thomas, and Annabelle Nena Line reformation outside the church after marching.