Lee Ling Family December 2002

Happy Mikolas! Barb sent Lloyd's old wood chest filled with Dana's toy trucks. Marlin was ecstatic. I was expecially pleased when he correctly identified the snow plow, having only seen a couple pictures of a snow plow.
021206martrucks (30K)021206shanmarsitonbox (23K)
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Marlin and Shanalin are joined by "Jelly", the daughter of the chair of the Division of Languages and Literature. Shanalin is wearing her new Christmas dress from Marge. Shanalin appears to share Marge's taste in clothes. When Shanalin goes to her clothes basket she invariably pulls out something Marge has sent.
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Jelly, President Tatum, and Jelly's dad
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Post Pongsona clean-up. Pongsona was a little rain and a couple of gusts, but nothing too serious. Pongsona would mature into a supertyphoon after leaving Pohnpei and hit Guam with 184 mile per hour winds. This was Marlin's first post-storm clean-up, but not likely his last! Sharisey dragged the bigger branches.
021207mardragsbranch (27K) 021207mardragsbranch02 (32K) 021207shardragsbranch (37K) 021207marsharcleandriveway (47K)021207tauclearstree (50K)

021207marsharshan (37K)021211marshan (37K)021211shan (23K)

Shanalin's favorite activity: eating. 8.3 kilos and gaining.
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Shanalin and Sher
021208shanasher (20K)

Shanalin's new earring - see the inset image lower left.
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kids holding Christmas fabric proposal for Kosrae... (82K)