Family Summer 2003

August Round Island Picnic 16 August 2003

On Saturday 16 August the family set off on a round Pohnpei picnic. We stopped at the College and briefly in Wone.

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Grave of Frederico Salvador, Naus Kitti.  Passed away 14 July in Kansas City.  Survived by wife Maria and children Salvador, Paul, Salve, John, David, Benida, Luwihse, and Mellyjane, many grandchildren and  great-grandchilden.

Solpisio Salvador, younger brother to Frederico.

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Sunday church pictures

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Shots from Summer

Saklem Picnic

Sepe in the water balloon toss Sharisey in the water balloon toss

Kosrae Upward Bound Sings

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Junior's Birthday

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Ready for Church!

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