Family Photos August 2008


August opens with a less common stratus cloud wrapped over Temwentemwensikar ridge line at 7:38 on the morning of the fourth. These unusual cloud presaged the start of month highlighting every day differences on Pohnpei.

Stratus cloud

Pohnpei is different. The adaptation of the mother hubbard into the muu-muu, that is often seen in churches here, is also standard work clothes for the women of Pohnpei.

Merlein Johnny
Merlein Johnny working hard blasting the cement clean.

In Kosrae, in the summer, women go out onto the reef at night and collect small fish. These fish are eaten raw.

Raw fish

And then there are children who eat little raw fish with the same enthusiasm kids elsewhere consume potato chips.

children who eat raw fish
Children who eat raw fish.

The forest streams of Pohnpei are lush and verdant.

forest stream
Forest stream

Oaulik, soumas en Dien, drying sakau in his nahs prior to shipment to Guam.


The sun setting into the trees as seen from Song mahs sakau market. After a stressful day, this sight means one is relaxing with a cup of strong sakau and will soon slip into that warm dream time place.


Working at the College of Micronesia-FSM is also different. How many other college cafeterias include Gauguinesque visions of Pacific island beauty who come carrying their ukelele?

student cafe ukelele
A student on the cafeteria line

Less unusual, evening reading includes Ranger Rick for this young woman.

ranger rick
Reading Ranger Rick

Pedometer about to roll over at the one million steps mark
Not unusual, but special: Dana's pedometer about to roll over at the one million step mark after 95 days

More unusual events in August. For ninety dollars in wood and parts, I built a sloped platform for the bed.

Sloped bed Sloped bed
The bed on a slope!