So long Souwel: Departure party for Jonathan Gourlay

In his own words...

Pwehl is offered

My ohrir (servant / helper) ritually hands me the sakau cup. I deign to take it from him. He cannot look directly at my maginificance -- probably because of the glare off my pasty skin.

Pwehl accepted

I drink the first cup of the ceremony (kep en koanoat). Maryallen, to the right, is thrilled to help serve me on this special night.

In my beneficence, I allow my oarir to drink as well.

Jonathan 'Souwel en Palikir' Gourlay

I get greased up with coconut oil. A young lady of about seventy gives me a lovely hibiscus flower and with tears in her eyes implores me "not to forget her"

Jonathan delivers a farewell sonnet
In my speech before the crowd, I show them how small my pig is.