Family Photos November 2007

Some children go to sleep with a favorite teddy bear.
Always fall asleep holding your teddy bear.

A visit to Souwel en Palikir, a titled colleague of Pwudoi, Kitti.

On a round island cruise the crew stopped at the home of the newly crowned Souwel en Palikir
Visiting with Souwel en Palikir

Shrue had to catch her breth after a mole hill climb
Shrue recovers from the climb to the hilltop hut

Lord of his manor, Souwel.
Long live his beneficence Souwel

The intertropical convergence zone rains of November have brought three days of cold, tropical rain to Pohnpei.
Back-to-school on a cold, rainy Tuesday in November after a three day weekend.

The tropics can get cold, at least for a local kid on a rainy morning. He still remembers that this jacket came from Farm & Fleet

Leilani in physical science lab on Thursdaythe 15th of November
Leilani, a student kindred in cold spirit with Marlin

Antilise's birthday

Family get-togethers are a tradition across all of Micronesia. The birthday of an elder is a chance to celebrate their contribute to the communnity.

14189yosiwo (43K)
Yosiwo and Antilise

14190 (48K)
Henry Shrew

14192 (49K)
Tulpe, Wilson, and Arthur

14193 (42K)
Neime Preston

14194 (37K) 14197 (29K)

14200antelisa (35K)
Antilise and Yosiwo

14201maurina_stella (40K)
Marine and Stella

14202maurina_stella (34K)
Marine and Stella

14204wilson_waguk (43K)
Wilson and Tulpe Waguk

14209foodtable (64K) 14210foodtable (90K)
The spread

14211mia (33K)

14213 (31K) 14219shrue (49K)
Pamela. Shrue.

14222cake (47K)

14226stella (46K)

The moon over the campus on the night of the 14th

Moon over COM-FSM campus

When the tropical night is hot, the floor is oh so cool.
When the tropical night is hot, the floor is oh so cool.

Midday lunch out Midday lunch out
Two who finish school at noon got to go along for a midday lunch out.