Family Photos September 2007

Shana had two evening playmates. They were busy playing dolls where he sleeps, and Marlin simply had to go to sleep. He is like a light bulb. Marlin is a frenzied blur of screaming, running young boy and then completely unconscious until first light. The girls would not give way for his tatami style bed, so he found a corner of the room and made his nest.

He curled up in a ball, the wall, the dresser, the bed, and a set of shelves forming the four walls of his bed basket.

Usually I carry him to bed from wherever he passes out, but tonight I had to wake him so he could extricate himself from his nookery.

This evening Shanalin asked for ice cream and she was told no.

When Shana is denied ice cream, a fury burns behind her eyes.

This produces a deeply sullen pout and refusal to speak to anyone. Neither would she ask for nor accept help in removing rubber bands that held her Sunday school braids together. I gather she later conned Srinoat into supplying her with the sugar she so continuously craves.

Elterina captures the fuzziness inherent in being Shana.

There is an inherent fuzziness in being.

Like mother, like daughter.

Sewing away diligently.

Marlin insisted on being taken to the hair dresser and getting an "undercut" hair cut replete with gel. His whole self-image was boosted by this hair style.

An undercut hair style.

Weekend at Nihco!

We packed up Friday evening and moved the whole family to Nihco marine park for the weekend. Early on Saturday morning the kids walked around the lagoon following turtles and watching the fish.

There are many tropical fish in the clear water of the lagoon.

The beach is brilliant white coral sand.

Blindingly white sand And a dark Shana on the white sand.

Meanwhile the professor found a quiet hut in which to mark papers.

Huts provide a cool shade in which to do the marking.

Happy birthday was sung to the birthday girl.

Happy birthday!

Sharisey carries a friend.

Piggy backing!

More faces of Shana

Shana Shana

Marlin practices his survival floating technique

Survival floating includes the back float. The boy is growing up fast.

Exactly why someone would live away from the tropical sea if one has a choice escapes this author.

Morning in the three-family hut.

Morning in a Nihco hut is nice.

Cold night, two children curling up together to warm each other up.

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