Family Photos June 2007

Some images capture metaphorical future possibilities, foreshadows of what might be's and could be's. This month started with such bright hopes.

Glimpses of the future Sandra and Jennifer Santos

On a rainy Saturday I worked outside in the college ethnobotanical weed patch. Sharisey stayed inside, drew pictures on the computer, and listened to Simon and Garfunkel songs playing on an iMac. The building was cold what with the rain and the air conditioning...

0602sharisey_sleeps (49K)

One of the pictures she made

0602sharisey_drawing (52K)

A student made the following image of Marlin. Then he inadvertantly or advertantly sent it to everyone on a mailing list in a staff computer, putting Marlin into every email box across four states and six college campuses.

buddha (66K)

The Malem move-out day festival was held at Misko on Saturday the ninth. Food, family, friends, running, and volleyball were the highlights of a sunny and hot day.

0609340picnic (73K) 0609360sharisey_runs (51K) 0609369volleyball (69K)

Shrue had been working day and night as a member of the hosting village committee. Exhausted, she had not eaten all day Saturday and was not thinking clearly when she sat under a coconut tree in the hot sun around 1:00 in the afternoon. A coconut fell and clipped the side of her head. She briefly lost conciousness, probably a result of the sudden shock of the blow more than the force of the glancing blow. The coconut deflected and bruised her shoulder as well.

0609376shrue (36K)

Shrue received treatment from healer Susan Kephas Ehmes and Mada Asher Kim. Mada used pounded banana tree trunk that had been packed in ice and then used as an ice compress to reduce swelling. Susan used pounded young Morinda citrifolia leaves in oil and massage therapy to treat the bruising, skin damage, and swelling.