Family Photos April 2007

Reverend Nena arrived on the 29th of March with Jusda to assist the Kosraean church of Kolonia in their Easter celebration.

Reverend Nena

The college students singing at Sunday morning church service on the first of April.

Kosraean student choir

Beverlyn celebrated her April Fool's day with Shrue and I over lunch at Cliff Rainbow.

Beverlyn and Shrue

Elterina was told to discharge the camera battery fully so the camera could be recharged overnight in preparation for founding day. The following sequence comes from this effort.

040118elterina (36K) 040119elterina (35K) 040121kawuck (31K) 040122 (30K) 040124friends (45K)

I think this has something to do with local dating systems...

Kosraean night birds Kosraean night flowers

040131rotation_experiment (46K)

This uniform was not to be revealed under the following morning, but someone could not wait to try it on.

Xaean uniform

Come hither...

Elterina practices seducing the camera

Breakfast time for the boys.

Marlin Damian

03 April Jusda, Damian, Nena

A day at Nihco marine park

05 April 2007

View of Sokeh's in the late afternoon sun. The Mortlockese church is barely visible as white pixels along the water at the far north (left) end of the ridge.

West face of the Sokeh's ridge on Pohnpei

Playing with full digital zoom on the Olympus Stylux 750, camera set down on a flat surface, timer used to avoid camera motion.

Mortlockese church

Walking the beach, two friends.

Maryrose and Shanalin

Marlin swims Josmina

Accomodations at Nihco.

0405hut (36K)

06 April 2007

Shanalin Marlin

07 April 2007


Saturday evening the kids colored Easter eggs. Aimina had flown in from Kosrae and updated the family on the loss of Moses Charley at sea a week earlier.

040702eastereggs (59K) 040704marlin_shana_nena (53K) 040705family (61K) 040706shrue_sews (43K)

08 April 2007

Easter sunday at church

040802elterina_josmina (34K) 040804childrens_choir_easter (57K) 040805josmina (30K) 040806trio (58K) Shanalin, Cartokiko 040811duo (40K) 040812quad (56K)

A Google Earth community inquiry asked about the "unusual building" in Kolonia. I took a picture of it today from 6 58' 06.90" North, 158 12' 22.21" East for posting to The "building" is a sewage treatment tank.

Sewer treatment plant

Images of the family

041106kids (78K) 041107kids (50K) 041108kids_dx (49K) 041414kids (46K)

With the arrival of the Upward Bound students mid-April on Pohnpei came Kisa in the arms of Nena Junior.

041502kisa_srinoat (35K)

By mid-month "all my children" was a gang of six - Sharisey not being in this particular shot.

041503gang_of_five (38K)

Elterina loose again with a digital camera...

041504elterina (32K)

Cumulonimbus shots from the 16th

Early morning shots of cumulonimbus clouds.

Cumulonimbus in the early morning over Pohnpei Cumulonimbus in the early morning over Pohnpei

Shots of the sunset from the dump on the 19th. Art meets garbage. Retinex and original.

041925sunset_dump (57K) 041925sunset_dump_orig (35K)

On a Sunday

Ready for church in the morning...

Shana and Marlin

...out at Nihco in the afternoon. Barefoot on razor sharp coral. Do not try this at home!

Nihco scenic Marlin at Nihco

Siblings in a non-quarreling moment

042208sharisey_marlin (57K)



Month's end

Back at Nihco on the 28th for a birthday party, early evening swim, and a nip of sakau at the Nihco weekender sakau market.

0428party (63K) 0428shanalin (61K) 0428sharisey (48K) 0428party (63K) 0428swimming (51K)

Gathering at the house for the college students

042902studentparty (52K) 042908carsina (40K) 042909carsina_diane (48K) 042912tulpe_louisa_asher (55K) 042913carsina_profile (31K) 042919stacy_nena (44K)