October 2006

Shana is sporting a new dress bought by her maternal grandparents in Guam

Sunday brunch out at South Park restaurant

The gang in Pohnpei this week
the extended family gang

Mother and daughter reunion
mother and daughter

Sokeh's rock (peipalahp) in the background
Sokehs rock - peipalahp

Grandpa relaxes in an air cooled local hut
local hut

About three weeks ago Dana and the girls went to visit a waterfall in Kitti called Sawarlap. The climb down the cliff face was tough and slippery. The pool was shallow and we all had a great all for a fin.
Twin waterfalls. The girls and Dana had visited the left fall, Sawarlap, late in September Sawarlap waterfall Pohnpei Marlin on the spy scope

When I lectured on material culture in ethnobotany on the 19th, I wore a local skirt (koal). There is a risk that the students might feel that I am showing off and am indirectly putting them down. Although I do not intend to do this, I recognize that wearing the skirt in the familiar surroundings of the classroom in front of my students is no great challenge. My students could rightly challenge that it is one thing to put a skirt on before class and take it off right after class, but would I wear a traditional skirt in public? So I challenged myself and wore the traditional skirt to Nan Kahp market, in Pehleng, Kitti. I received overwhelmingly positive reviews at the market and from drivers passing on the road!

Nan kahp market Nan kahp market