May 2006

Sharisey's fourth five kilometer fun run/walk, Marlin's second, Dwight and Shanalin's first!

COM-FSM fun run 5k 0506fivek2 (34K)

Shanalin joined only because after Marlin's first 5k, we took him out for breakfast. All she knew was that Shrue, Sharisey, Marlin and I sometimes disappear early on a Saturday morning and that food is involved. She did not know about the 5k between the disappearing and the food part. Elterina is at the table behind.

0506fivek3bfast (40K)

May 10: A posed shot of Shanalin.

05101shana (21K) 05102shana_old (30K)

At the mother's day service at the Kosraen Congregationalist church the children's choir sings for their mothers. Sharisey and Shanalin sing along with Shrue. Marlin opted out! At the far left is Pastor Tolenoa visiting on the sad occasion of the death of his son-in-law Max Samuel.

051401mothersday (56K)

Marlin graduates kindergarten!

051402graduation (47K) 051403graduation (22K)

Marlin is the seventh man who helps the six fishermen find their lost brother.

051405six_fishermen (50K)

The daughter of Max is Marlin's classmate. She too was graduating.

Maleha Maleha A pensive moment

Marlin and friend Mary Rose.

Mary Rose

Marling and Dana.

051409marlin_dana (45K)

Shanalin's neighborhood friend Mia.


The many faces and moods of Shanalin.

051411shanalin (39K) 051412seenoevil (34K) 051413hearnoevil (38K) 051414speaknoevil (36K)

Combination sixth birthday and kindergarten graduation for Marlin!

051415smallparty (46K)

Sharisey and Marlin.

Sharisey Marlin

Maurine and Diane.

Maurine Albert Diane Jack Asher

Lighting the candles with a blowtorch.

Blow torch

Happy Birthday Marlin!

051421cake (35K)

The neighborhood gang is all here. Marlin is growing up in a multi-cultural milieu. Kosraen, Pohnpeian, Chuukese, Filipino, even American.

051422kids (41K)

I am six!

051423iamsix (44K)


051424halfblown (43K)