Brian and Clara Wed!

14 February 2004

Jonathan Gourlay reads from John. Father David Anderson later read from Genesis 2:21-24.
Jonathan Gourlay

David Brian Lynch and Clara Henry listen intently as vows are read in Pohnpeian.
David Brian Lynch and Clara Henry listen to wedding vows

With this ring I Brian Lynch thee Clara Henry wed...
ring (50K)

Signing the marriage certificate.
signing (50K)

Clara and Brian Lynch, the happiest couple on Valentine's day morning on Pohnpei!
Clara and Brian Lynch

Dr. Mike Dema, Clara Lynch, Brian Lynch, and Jonathan Gourlay.
college_kith (81K)

Dr. Anca Dema, Mary Allen Manuel, Mike, Clara, Brian, and Jonathan.
college_kin (107K)

Clara's family.
clara_kin (91K)
clara_kith (97K)

The extended family including Leroy.
clara_leroy (97K)

Jenilee Actouka
Jenilee Actouka

A brief instant of awe...
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