SC 130 Physical Science laboratory syllabus spring 2017

Lecture topics and corresponding laboratories with cross-references to the text section numbers. The three-digit numeric prefixes correspond to the textbook section.

L01MeasuresDensity intro & sig digs012 Density
L02Motion021 RipStik linear022 Linear motion
L03Motion031 RipStik acceleration032 Acceleration of gravity
L04Motion041 Banana leaf marble ramp042 Conservation of momentum
L05Forces051 Newton's laws052 Force of friction
L06Heat061 Temperature062 Conduction of heat
L07Earth071 Hide and Seek072 Latitude & longitude
L08Weather081 Humidity and precipitation082 Cloud observations and precipitation
L09Sound091 Waves092 Speed of sound
L10Spectra101 Color102 The color of light
L11Optics111 Lenses112 Ref[le|ra]ction
L12Magnetism and electricity121 Magnetism122 Electricity, conductivity, circuits
L13Chemistry131 Introduction to the elements132 Acids & Bases
L14AstronomyPlanetary science
L15CosmologyElegant Universe152 Site swap notation

Assignment number coding: Assignments are usually prefixed by the date assigned, the day of the week, and then a three digit number for that assignment. The first two digits refer to the chapter for that assignment or laboratory. The third digit is the type of assignment. 0 is video notes entered to be entered as a discussion in Schoology. 1 is a homework assignment due into Schoology. 2 is a laboratory report. 4 usually refers to a quiz or test. Thus 060 is a notes assignment for chapter six, 012 is chapter one, laboratory assignment. 031 is a chapter three homework. 044 is a chapter four quiz. And so forth. This can get confusing, if you do submit the wrong assignment and the assignment is still unlocked, then you can resubmit the correct assignment.

The laboratory reports are written up using spreadsheet (tables, xy scattergraph charts) and word processing software (text with tables and charts copied and pasted from the spreadsheet). Software such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word,,, or Google Docs can be used for these reports. The reports will be submitted via Schoology and marked using rubrics in Schoology. Reports are due one week after the laboratory. The deadline for late submissions or a resubmission is two weeks after the laboratory.