SC 130 Physical Science laboratory syllabus spring 2016

Lecture topics and corresponding laboratories with cross-references to the text section numbers. The three-digit numeric prefixes correspond to the textbook section.

KeyTopicLectureLaboratoryRubricLab DateDueLock
L01Measures011 Density012 DensityIMPDTGADFGVOC14 Jan21 Jan28 Jan
L02Motion021 Linear motion022 Linear motionIDTGA21 Jan28 Jan04 Feb
L03Motion031 Acceleration032 Acceleration of gravityIMPDTGDTGADFGVOC28 Jan04 Feb11 Feb
L04Motion041 Energy042 MomentumIDTGA04 Feb11 Feb18 Feb
L05Forces051 Newton's laws052 Pulleys and forcesIMPDTGADFGVOC11 Feb18 Feb25 Feb
L06Heat061 Temperature062 Conduction of heatIDTGA18 Feb25 Feb03 Mar
L07Earth071 Hide 'n Seek072 Latitude & longitudeIMPDTGADFGVOC25 Feb03 Mar10 Mar
L08Weather081 Air water082 CloudsAccComConEff03 Mar10 Mar17 Mar
L09Sound091 Waves092 Speed of soundIMPDTGADFGVOC10 Mar17 Mar24 Mar
L10Spectra101 Color102 Colors of lightFavLeaGVOC17 Mar24 Mar31 Mar
L11Optics111 Lenses112 Ref[le|ra]ctionIMPDTGDTGADFGVOC07 Apr14 Apr21 Apr
L12Electricity121 Ohms law & power122 CircuitsIDTGA14 Apr21 Apr28 Apr
L13Chemistry131 Elements132 Acids & Bases IMPTTDGVOC21 Apr28 Apr29 Apr
L15Cosmology151 Cosmology152 Site swap notation[none]28 Apr--

Rubric codes

IIntroduction to the laboratory
DData recorded and complete
TTable format
GGraph type and format
AAnalysis and explanation of results
DDiscussion and conclusions
FFormat of document
GGrammar and syntax
CCoherence and cohesion