SC 130 Physical Science Schedule Calendar of topics and laboratories for physical science Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday Text • Sample lab Rubric • AlphaSoup Outline Assessment graph-physci.ods 06 Jan Day one Outside Space, Time, Matter Quiz 004 10 Jan Outside Measurement sticks & stones 011 Calculated measures mass, height, BMI L01 012 Density A101, A204 Writing eval Quiz 014 17 Jan Motion RipStik motion Photographer 021 Motion How slow are you? 022 Outside L02 Linear motion Start at gym Quiz 024 24 Jan Motion RipStik acceleration Photographer 031 Ball arc Outside Motion L03 032 Accelerated motion A101, A204 Test 01 31 Jan Motion RipStik energy Photographer 041 Conserve ℰ Banana leaf marble ramp 042 L04 Momentum Quiz 044 07 Feb Force Force to accelerate RipStik 051 Newton's laws Yurt circle Outside 052 L05 Hooke's law Static forces: A non-linear system 14 Feb Heat MITC: heat and temp 061 Temperature Freezing to boiling 062 L06 Heat conduction Staff dev day 21 Feb Earth GPS orientation 071 Hide 'n seek Outside 072 Outside L07 Latitude A204 Test 02 Midterm 28 Feb Earth MITC: climate change 081 Rel. humidity Climate: king tide El Niño/La Niña 082 L08 Clouds 084 quiz 07 Mar Sound RipStik wave Photographer 091 Waves 092 Outside L09 Sound speed 094 quiz 14 Mar MITC: Gauguin color 101 Color perception achromatopsia 102 L10 Colors of Light A204 Comp lab 104 quiz 21 Mar Optics Pin hole cam 111 Optics Lenses 112 L11 Reflection & refraction 114 quiz 28 Mar Air Pressure option Fluid, bernoulli opts Test 03 31 March Rahn en tiahk 01 April Founding day 04 Apr Electricity MITC: Micro hydro 121 Magnetism 122 L12 Circuits 124 Quiz 11 Apr Chemistry 131 Chemistry Elements 132 L13 Acids & Bases Writing eval 134 quiz Fav lab survey 18 Apr Astronomy April 20 Spring break Maundy Thursday Good Friday 25 Apr Cosmology MITC Notes 151 Cosmology MITC 152 L15 Site Swap 154 quiz Ball animation on top of other elements ball paths Styrofoam cup for lab five

SC 130 Physical Science finals week Calendar of topics and laboratories for SC 130 Physical Science Monday Tuesday Wednesday 02 May: U ask, I answer U no ask, I no answer 12:10-2:10 M12 final

Odd numbered laboratory reports get written up using spread sheet (tables, xy scattergraph charts) and word processing software (text with tables and charts pasted in), handed in, and marked using a rubric. Software such as or Microsoft Excel integrated into Microsoft Word can be used for these reports.

A line with a circle at the end shows when the odd numbered laboratory reports are due. The odd numbered laboratory reports are marked for content, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, organization, cohesion, and, where appropriate, citation of sources. Think of this class as expos III. The date of the laboratories which are marked for the above, and the due dates, are given in the table below.

LabDateDue date
L0113 January20 January
L0327 January03 February
L0510 February17 February
L0724 February03 March
L0910 March17 March
L1124 March30 March
L1314 April18 April

Even numbered laboratories do not have full laboratory reports. For the even numbered laboratories you will be asked to hand in a table, chart, possibly including slope and intercept data, or a sketch, or a combination of these elements. These reports do not need to include introductions, conclusions, and are not marked for grammar, vocabulary, organization, nor cohesion.

Lecture and laboratory topic titles with cross-references to the text section number. The numeric prefixes correspond to the textbook section.

L00MeasuresMetricssticks & stones (optional)
L01Measures011 What are your measurements? 012 Density
L02Motion021 How slow are you?022 Linear motion
L03Motion031 Arc of a sphere032 Acceleration of gravity
L04Motion041 Banana leaf marble ramp042 Conservation of momentum
L05Forces051 Newton's laws056 Hooke's law
L06Heat061 Temperature062 Conduction of heat
L07Earth071 Hide and seek072 Latitude
L08Weather081 Humidity and precipitation082 Clouds
L09Sound091 Waves092 Speed of sound
L10Spectra101 Electomagnetic waves102 HTML colors of light
L11Optics111 Lenses112 Ref[le|ra]ction
L12Magnetism and electricity121 Magnetism122 Circuits
L13Chemistry131 Introduction to the elements132 Acids & Bases
L15CosmologyMITC152 Site swap notation

SC 130 Physical Science syllabus