SC 130 Physical Science Calendar

08/13/09Peripatetic meanderings in space and time[no class]Course introduction: Peripatic wanderings in space and timeQuiz 1
08/17/09Mathematical models and measurementWhat are your measurements? Lab 01: Standing on a carved soap box Part II: Computer labQuiz 2
08/24/09Linear motionHow slow are you? Outside for part of the classLab 02: Rolling balls gather no moss Part I: Outside in the parking lot of the gym Part II: Computer labQuiz 3
08/31/09Accelerated motionArc of a sphere Outside for part of the classLab 03: Dropping the ball on the jobTest 1
09/07/09Energy and momentumBanana leaf marble rampLab 04: Loosing your marblesPohnpei Lib
09/14/09HeatTemperatureLab 05: If you cannot take the heatQuiz 4
09/21/09ForcesForce as changes in momentumLab 06: Midterm lab practicalQuiz 5
09/28/09Latitude and longitudeHide and seek Outside all periodLab 07: Changes in longitude Part I: Outside Part II: Computer labTest 2
10/05/09WeatherHumidity and precipitationLab 08: The stuff of dreamsQuiz 6
10/12/09SoundWavesLab 09: The speed of music Part I: OutsideQuiz 7
10/19/09OpticsLensesLab 10: Mirror, mirrorUN Day
10/26/09SpectraCD spectroscopeLab 11: The colors of light Class meets in computer labQuiz 8
11/02/09Magnetism and electricityMagnetismLab 12: Let your light shineTest 3
11/09/09[Acids and bases]Veteran's dayLab 13: From the flower garden into the kitchen Part I: OutsideQuiz 9
11/16/09ChemistryIntroduction to the elementsLab 14: Final practicalQuiz 10
11/23/09AstronomyPlanetary presentationsCERN film?Quiz 11
11/30/09Cosmology Class meets in MITC Monday and WednesdayMITCLab 15: Site swap Bring THREE small balls such as tennis balls Class might go outsideQuiz 12

SC 130 Physical Science syllabus

Textbook: Physical Science by Dana Lee Ling

Required materials: Scientific calculator.

Recommended optional materials: sunglasses, 30 cm ruler, digital watch with chronograph.

Office hours: Monday, Wednesday 2-5, by walk-in, or appointment

Instructor: Dana Lee Ling


Web site:

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Work: 320-2480 extension 228 | Home phone: 320-2962. | Cell: 922-1858

Attendance: Seven MWF absences results in withdrawal from the course. A late is one third of an absence. Thus any combination of MWF absences and lates that adds to seven will result in withdrawal. For example, twenty-one lates would result in withdrawal. Missing more than three laboratories will also lead to failure of the course. First days special attendance policy: Failure to attend one of the first three days of class will result in withdrawal from the course unless the student contacts the instructor during this time period. In other words, absence on all of the first three class days will result in withdrawal from the course.

No betel nut in class nor on campus except in the cultural huts.

Evaluation and assessment: Quizzes, tests, and midterms are given every Friday that there is not a test. Quizzes and tests can and do occur on a Wednesday wherein Friday is a holiday. Lab practical examinations are on lab days.

Grading policy: Attendance, homework, quizzes, tests, laboratory reports, and the final are marked and generate points. Spring 2009 generated 965 points. Attendance is a point per hour of class, lecture or laboratory, thus labs are three points. Spring 2009 attendance was worth 91 points (9.4%). Homework is worth 1 to 5 points and, when given, is checked at the start of the next MWF class. Pop cloud quizzes are worth up to 3 to 4 points. Thirteen quizzes worth an average of 19.54 points generated 254 total points (26%). Three tests worth an average of 32.67 points generated 98 total points (10%). The final exam was worth 31 points (3.2%). All quizzes, tests, and the final generated 393 points (39%). Fourteen marked laboratories worth an average of 42 points generated 588 points (60%). Both laboratories and quizzes/tests are important in this demanding and difficult course. This course places more value on work done over the term than on a cumulative final examination. This course is about researching a system and writing a report on the findings. The course requires the discipline of mind of the distance runner. Success in this course depends on consistent completion of work throughout the term. There is no way to bring a grade up late in the term. Your grade is a reflection of a body of work during the term. The final letter grade is based on the standard College policy: Obtain 90% of the points or more to obtain an A, 80% to 89% for a B, and so forth.

Laboratories: Laboratories are central to the course. To the extent possible, each week focuses on the laboratory with lecture in support of the laboratory exploration. Laboratories are marked using a rubric. Each lab has its own rubric, all are based to a lesser or greater extent on the generic rubric. Laboratory write-ups are composed of a single word processing document created with Microsoft Word or Writer. Tables, graphs, and analysis done in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or Calc should be copied and pasted into the word document in the appropriate order. Laboratories are due a week after the laboratory at the next laboratory period. Laboratories can be sent by email, this does not change the due date/time or submission guidelines. Laboratories turned in after the start of class for the next laboratory are late. Late laboratories can be turned in up to the start of the Friday class period the next day, but incur a five point penalty. After the start of the Friday class period the late penalty increases to ten points. Laboratories can be turned in up to a week late (14 days after the lab) but incur a ten point penalty. Laboratories more than 14 days late are not accepted. Laboratory reports CAN be turned in for labs for which you were absent! Get data from a colleague to complete the report, do your own analysis and write-up to the best of your ability.

Academic Honesty Policy: Cheating on an assignment, quiz, test, midterm, or final will result in a score of zero for that assignment, quiz, or examination. Due to our cramped quarters, the course operates by necessity on a system of personal integrity and honor.