114 Quiz 09: Spectra and the colors of light

Clouds permitting, the first one to three questions will be cloud questions.

  1. ______________________________
  2. ______________________________
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  5. ____________________ The experimental data obtained during laboratory nine measured the speed of sound to be 363 m/s. The speed of sound predicted by theory is 350 m/s at 28° Celsius, 80% humidity, and pressure of 1002 mPA. What is the percent difference between the experimentally measured value and the value predicted by theory? 1
  6. List the seven colors of the Newtonian rainbow from lowest frequency to highest frequency.
  7. Is the spectrum shown discrete or continuous?
    discrete spectra
  8. Is the spectrum shown produced by the sun (for example, a rainbow) or a gas discharge tube?
    discrete spectra
  9. What are the primary colors of light?
  10. What are the secondary colors of light?
  11. _______________ _______________ What two primary colors combine to produce yellow?
  12. # _____ _____ _____ What three hexadecimal numbers will produce blue on a computer monitor?
  13. In the command hsl(120,100%,50%), for what does the abbreviation "HSL" stand?
  14. _______________ What color angle in degrees produces the color red?