084 Quiz 06 Latitude, longitude, weather, clouds

  1. ____________________ Cloud type?
  2. ____________________ Cloud type?
  3. ____________________ Cloud type?
  4. _______________ During the hide and seek activity I was hiding at
    N 06° 54.552', E 158° 09.381'.
    At 11:47 I heard students behind me. The students were at
    N 06° 54.561', E 158° 09.381'.
    Should the students walk north, east, south, or west to find me? In other words, which direction was I from the students?
  5. ____________________ A student walked along the line of latitude at 6° 54.581' from longitude 158° 09.717' to longitude 158° 09.358'. The student measured a distance of 700 meters. Determine the number of meters per minute of longitude based on this data.
  6. How is orographic precipitation generated?
  7. _____________________ Convective precipitation can result from one of two processes, the collision-coalescence process or the Bergeron process. Which of these processes produce Pohnpei's daily rains?
  8. ____________________ Lee Ling should have remembered to bring two thermometers to class. What is the temperature of the dry bulb thermometer?
  9. ____________________ What is the temperature of the wet bulb thermometer?
  10. ____________________ What is the wet bulb depression today?
  11. ____________________ Using your textbook, determine the relative humidity today.
  12. ____________________ Using your textbook, determine the heat index today.
  13. _________________________ Using your textbook, determine the risk level for exercise today.