MS 100 College Algebra Quiz one spring 2006 Name:

1. For the equation y = x² + 16

1a. Sketch a graph of the equation.

1b. Find the y-intercept.

1c. Find the x-intercepts.

1d. Determine if the equation has x-axis symmetry, y-axis symmetry, origin symmetry, or no symmetry.

1e. Give an example of an object that follows the path made by the shape created by the equation.

2. For the equation (x+4)² + (y − 4) ² = 169

2a. What is the shape of the graph?

2b. What is the radius for the equation?

2c. What are the coordinates of the center?

3. Solve for x:

4. Is x(x + 30) + 221 = (x +13)(x + 17) an identity or a conditional statement?

5. Find the y-intercept and the x-intercepts for y = −x² − 49

6. A dress that would have been sewn for $10 without tufts is now $18 with tufts. What is the percent change in the price of the dress?

7. The sum of three consecutive numbers is 129. What are the three numbers?

8. I covered 15.5 kilometers in 1.79 hours on a run from Malem to Tafunsak. How long in hours would it take for me to jog the 10 kilometers from Piyuul to Utwe at that pace?

9. The formula for converting Fahrenheit to Celsius is The temperature on Pohnpei on Sunday at 12:50 P.M. was 90ºF, what is that temperature in Celsius?