Manual of Policies and Procedures

Volume 1) Governance

Board By-laws
Board of Regents meetings (on-going; separate notebooks)
Meeting Minutes

Volume 2) Administrative Manual

Org Chart
Cabinet Meeting Minutes
Supervisory/Reports assignments
General Operations

Volume 3) Finance/Business

Volume 4) Personnel Policy & Procedures

Volume 5) Instructional Affairs

Faculty handbook
Admission Board Meeting Minutes
FMI catalog and handbook

Volume 6) Student Services Policy Manual

Financial Aid Committee Meeting Minutes
Financial Aid handbook
Student Services Committee Minutes
Student handbook

Volume 7) Sponsored Programs

(Institutional Planning - to be developed)
(Database - to be developed)

Volume 8) Facilities/ Maintenance/Transportation

Volume 9) Community Relations

Volume ) Land Grant Program

Volume ) Fisheries & Marine Inst.

Volume 12) Technology and Information

Historical documents in Pres. Office