Images from in and around Walung, Kosrae

30 July 2005

Shanalin on the beach at Walung

Shanalin Kenye Insetlang Lee Ling

073040shanalin_beach_detail (57K)

Elementary school at Walung

Walung Elementary School Walung Elementary School Kosrae

Images of Tuekunsru

Tuekunsru, Kosrae, near Walung 073047 (79K)
The same shot above processed with a Retinex filter reveals the location of the Utwe to Walung mangrove channel between the dark green line of trees along the shoreline and the ligher colored vegetation in the foreground.
Retinex processed image reveals location of mangrove channel. 073048 (65K)
Again, processing the image using Retinex makes clear the location of the mangrove channel that allows canoes to move from Utwe to Walung without entering the open ocean.
073048rtx (60K)

A lone kauri pine buried in the forest at the former Mwot school, Yonrak, Tafunsak, Kosrae.

Kauri pine, Agathis spp. 073044kauri_mwot_yonrak (79K) 073046kauri_trunkdetail (115K)