New Year's in Kosrae 2005

Coming in from Walung...
122710walung (40K)
The flaps produce a nice vortex as revealed by water condensing...
122711walung (49K)
North shore Kosrae...
122712walung (45K)

We do not live separated from our food sources. Yes, we have supermarkets, but my kids also know that pork is not born in plastic wrap or a can.
Pig being prepared for the uhm Marlin Shanalin Elterina

Gilmore, carving the christmas pork. At this point the power had gone out and he was working in the dark. The children's choir started up shortly after the power came on. Shanalin, Stacy, Marlin, Juleen, and Kisrik sing.
Uhmed pig 010104childrenchoir (64K)

Kisrik. Jusda and Seshrue - the Christmas image of the mother and the child.
010105kisrik (31K) 010106jusda_seshrue (28K)

The full choir including Sharisey, Shanalin, Stacy, Marlin, Mer, Kisrik, Doughnut, and Patrick.
010107childrenchoir (96K)

I am reminded of a local joke, "What do you call an event that uses up a whole month's paycheck?" "A small family barbecue."
010108foodprep (69K) 010109foodprep (74K)

Falyncea, guest, Kisrik and Kenye Lyndon
010110falyncea (34K) 010112 (24K) 010219kenyelyndonpalik (60K)

Kosraen Choirs

010213choir (86K) 010214choir (111K) 010215choir (74K) 010217choir (135K) 010218choir (77K) 010216pastor (69K)

Kosrae State Campus and the high school quad

010320kosraecampus (59K) 010321kosraecampus (64K) 010323highschoolquad (72K)

Look carefully at the mountains and one will see inverted V shapes: the mountains consist of razorback knife-edge ridges that rise to very pointed peaks.
010322mountains (60K)