Family Photos Kosrae January 2008

Every New Year's day the children of Kosrae throw water on passing cars, calling out, "Have you had your bath [this year]?"

water throwing 01/01/08 03:53 PM
water throwing

water bath 01/01/08 03:53 PM
water bath

Kosrae is still about beaches for the kids. The La Niña coupled with strong northeast winds and sea level rise put a lot of water on the reef. The kids romped in the translating waves.

on the reef 01/04/08 04:48 PM
on the reef

reef view 01/04/08 04:50 PM
reef view

paddling 01/04/08 04:52 PM

paddling in 01/04/08 04:53 PM
paddling in under the peak

Sets of waves could shift water levels on the reef from 50 centimeters deep to over 150 centimeters. Swimming is a survival skill. Shana, on the left, learns to survive, thrive, and play in the wind, waves, and current.

post swim feed 01/04/08 06:34 PM post swim feed 01/04/08 06:35 PM
post swim feed

button bright 01/04/08 06:35 PM
button bright