Family Photos Kosrae December 2007

Shrue gets in touch with her traditional side.

shrue swamp washing 12/26/07 08:19 AM
Shrue swamp washing

Sea level rise is not a matter of debate in Kosrae. The facts are on the ground.

sea level rise malem 12/27/07 04:19 PM
Sea level rise Malem

cousins 12/27/07 07:12 PM
Kosrae is all about family and cousins.

shrue phil ching 12/28/07 07:25 PM phil ching 12/28/07 07:39 PM
Shrue and Phil Ching

kimi ksru sigrah 12/28/07 07:27 PM
Kimi Kilafwasru Joab Sigrah

twins by name 12/28/07 08:14 PM name twins 12/28/07 08:14 PM
Twins by name, related via a forest rather than a tree

edwin 12/28/07 09:43 PM
Presley Charley and Roxanne Edwin Charley with children

wilson taulung 12/29/07 03:00 PM
Wilson Taulung weds Nelynda Nena Nithan

taulung mike baby 12/29/07 03:23 PM
Wilson and Nelynda's baby

mrs wilson taulung 12/29/07 04:14 PM
Nelynda and child

wedding cake 12/29/07 05:01 PM

sleeping with food 12/29/07 06:01 PM
There are cousins who also like to fall asleep clutching food.

tribal sunday 12/30/07 12:11 PM
Everyone dresses alike around here.

childrens family choir 12/30/07 03:17 PM
Not the Trapp Family singers, but the kids get a shot at Kosraen idol with a spotlight set during Sunday school

A family meeting was called to discussed the ahksaf, close of the funeral for Richard Palik.

jusda hattie rebecca kimi 12/30/07 07:27 PM
Jusday Elesha Kilafwasru, Hattie Kilafwasru Joel, Rebecca Kilafwasru Palik, Kimi Kilafwasru Sigrah

lyndon cornelius 12/30/07 07:45 PM
Lyndon Cornelius

morgan 12/30/07 07:52 PM
Morgan Jonas

gathered family 12/30/07 08:00 PM
Family has gathered from Kosrae and abroad

kilafwasrus 12/30/07 08:14 PM
Nena Kilafwasru, Kilafwasru Kilafwasru, Hatti, Rebecca

shrue 12/30/07 08:16 PM

children 12/30/07 08:48 PM
Children, including a great-grandchild from Hawaii

mother and child 12/30/07 08:59 PM
Mother and child

eleanor paul talley 12/30/07 09:04 PM
Eleanor and Paul Talley