Exercise Sport Science Affective Assessment Survey for Joggling
Adapted by Dana Lee Ling from Amee Sorensen and Natalie Barrus

INSTRUCTIONS: DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON THIS SURVEY!!! Please fill out this survey honestly. Your answers will not affect your grade. Place a check in the box indicating whether you strongly disagree, disagree, agree, or strongly agree with the statement.

Affective domain survey
 StatementStrongly disagreeDisagreeMaybeAgreeStrongly Agree
1.I enjoyed participating in the physical activities of this class.      
2.Physical fitness is important to my present and future lifestyle.      
3.Exercise and physical fitness is an important part of my college experience.      
4.I have enjoyed participating in Joggling class.      
5.I feel I am more fit as a result of this class.      
6.Because of the skills I have gained in this class, I would like to continue running in the future.      
7.This class has improved my attitude towards the sport of running.      
8.I had fun in this class.      
9.I feel I have experienced the joy of aerobic exercise: the feelings of strength, energy, and stress release.      

10. Future classes should:
_____ Run only around the gym
_____ Run on the road more often

11. Comments and criticisms for improvement of the course: