Seedless Vascular Plants:
A Walk in the Rain

We saw...


Lycopodiella cernua
lycopodium_cernuum_field.jpg (35312 bytes)

Huperzia phlegmaria
Huperzia phlegmaria


Dicranopteris linearis
dicranopteris_linearis_02.jpg (55426 bytes)

Nephrolepis acutifolia
rehdil01.jpg (50211 bytes)

Asplenium nidus (Bird's Nest Fern)
asplenium_nidus_epiphytic.jpg (47410 bytes)

Thelypteris maemonensis
mareksoria.jpg (29560 bytes)

Cyathea nigricans (tree fern)

Some local names for the plants we saw are listed at:

We learned among other things...

Lycophyta has cones
Pterophyta has sori
Plants in some of our cultures are divided into male and female plants

Some of the wet explorers before they got wet...

Cliff Stanford SepeTanya Dorothy Marian HarryCliff Stanford Sepe Marian Tanya Dorothy Harry

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