_____ 1. Asplenium nidus

_____ 2. Dicranopteris linearis

_____ 3. Huperzia phlegmaria

_____ 4. Lycopodiella cernua

_____ 5. Nephrolepis acutifolia

_____ 6. Selaginella

7. Which mangrove resource has the highest cash value per hectare?
a. Firewood
b. Fish
c. Mangrove crabs

8. Which type of swamp is worth more per hectare per year in Kosrae?
a. Freshwater swamp
b. Saltwater swamp

9. About how many mangrove trap nights must be attained in order to manage mangrove populations using ongoing sampling?
a. 3 traps for one night.
b. 10 traps for three nights
c. 30 traps for a month.

10a. Which is a better way to manage a natural resource: top down government regulations or village based adaptive management?

10b. Why?