SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany Spring 2002

ocimum_sanctum.jpg (28998 bytes)Phand01.jpg (9220 bytes)

  1. In class Dana presented information on the plant seen above, known as aring, kadiring, or waring, among other local names.  In what location on the planet is the origin for this plant (where is it from originally)?
    1. Africa
    2. India
    3. Pohnpei
    4. Samoa
  2. What is the name of the plant in English?
    1. Holy basil
    2. Holy ghost
    3. Holy water
    4. Sacred herb
  3. What is the Latin binomial for the plant?
    1. Ocimum sanctum
    2. Clerodendrum inerme
    3. Piper nigrum
    4. Ohsaycanusee sanctuary
  4. What illness was Dana treating himself for with the plant seen in the images at the top of the page?
    1. diarhea
    2. ghost sickness
    3. head cold
    4. insanity
  5. How did Dana use the plant?

  6. Of the healing plant presentations you saw today...
    1. Which healing plant use was the most interesting to you?
    2. Why?