1. 14 January Knife safety List key safety tips for proper use of a machete.
  2. Hike into the land of the ferns 21 January Monilophyte and Lycophyte hike The hike into the valley west of campus focused on monilophytes and lycophytes.
    1. What are lycophytes?
    2. Name a lycophyte in your language:
    3. What are monilophytes?
    4. Name a monilophyte in your language:
  3. 28 January Primitive plants presentations: For the following Asplenium nidus leaf:
    1. Is Asplenium nidus a □[monilophyte] or a □[lycophyte]?
    2. Is Asplenium nidus □[undivided], □[lobed], □[divided once], or □[divided once, lobed]?
    3. On the diagram above, label the sori.
    4. ______________ What do sori produce?
    5. ______________ What is the name of Asplenium nidus in your local language?
  4. For the following Microsorum scolopendria leaf:
    1. Is Microsorum scolopendria □[undivided], □[lobed], □[divided once], or □[divided once, lobed]?
    2. On the diagram above, label the sori.
    3. ______________ What is the name of Microsorum scolopendria in your local language?
  5. For the following Nephrolepis acutifolia leaf:
    1. Is Nephrolepis acutifolia □[undivided], □[lobed], □[divided once], or □[divided once, lobed]?
    2. On the diagram above, label the pinnae.
    3. ______________ What is the name of Nephrolepis acutifolia in your local language?
  6. 04 February Healing plants walk: Explain the purpose and intent of our walk up into Paies.
    Returning to campus
  7. 09 & 18 February Healing plants presentation: This past weekend an elder in the Mwoakillese community passed away. He was a 2002 alumni of the ethnobotany class and he presented on the same plant as Sage did this term, Scaevola taccada. This plant, which grows on the outer islands and main islands with white half-round fan shaped flowers and small white fruit, is a first line treatment for what?
    Scaevola taccada
  8. 11 February Funeral on the mountain: At the funeral on the mountain a plant was at the physical center of the ceremony. What plant was central to that ceremony?
  9. 16 February Pwunso botanic garden visit: Why was Eucalptus deglupta brought to Pohnpei and some of the other islands of Micronesia?
    Eucalyptus deglupta Eucalyptus deglupta
  10. 01 October Angiosperms: Label the diagram below - which sheet is dicots and which side is monocots?
    monocot and dicot features
  11. 01 March Island Food Community of Pohnpei Define and explain the listed benefit.
  12. 08 March Food presentations Michelle, Sweena, and Ravelyn presented unounet. What is unounet?
    unounet unounet
  13. 10 March Vegetative morphology Label the parts of a leaf.
    Vegetative morphology blade petiole stem
  14. What is the shape of each of the following three leaves?
    Leaf Shapes
    Shape name options: awl, cordate, deltoid, elliptical, hastate, lanceolate, oblong, ovate, orbicular, sagitate, lobed.
  15. 15 March Vital Coconut Development Unit Name three products of the Vital CDU.
  16. 17 March Thatching Which style of thatching is Cherlylinda making in the image? doakoahs en Pohnpei OR doakoahs en Ruhk?
  17. 29 March Floral morphology: Label and identify the following parts of a solitary flower. Include the whorl names as well as the names of the parts.
    Floral morphology petals filament ovary pistil stigma anther sepals
  18. 05 and 07 April Material Culture Pre-contact the Kosraens wore banana fiber clothing as seen in the image. What factors contributed to their loss of their traditional wear?
    Precontact Kosraean clothing
  19. 12 April Invasives Is the plant shown Clidemia hirta, Dissotis rotundifolia, or Melasatoma malabathricum var. marianum?
    Melastoma malabathricum var. marianum
  20. 14 April Fruit