Ethnobotany fall 2015 test two • Name:

  1. 15 October Food presentations These unique doughnuts and karindo can be eaten by those who cannot eat wheat products. What were these made from?
    taro doughnuts
  2. Foods such as koapir kahu are classified as starches in food science. Rice is also a starch. Why are local starches considered better than foreign starches from a health perspective?
    koapir kahu
  3. 20 October Vegetative morphology Label the parts of a leaf.
    Vegetative morphology blade petiole stem
  4. _______________ Identify the leaf shape for the morning glory (Ipomoea) leaves seen in the images.
    Ipomoea littoralis Ipomoea littoralis
  5. Draw sketches showing the difference between alternate and opposite attachment for leaves on a plant stem.
  6. 22 October Thatching Of the two types of thatch, on the 22nd of October every student chose to do only one style of thatch. Which style did the students choose to do: doakoahs en Pohnpei OR doakoahs en Ruhk?
  7. 27 and 30 October Material Culture Allison Fugog explained the significance of the black cord necklace called a marfaw'. What does wearing the marfaw'signify?
  8. 05 November Floral morphology
    1. Label and identify the following parts of a solitary flower. Include the whorl names as well as the names of the parts.
      Floral morphology petals filament ovary pistil stigma anther sepals
  9. Complete the floral formula for Turnera ulmifolia seen in the images. K5 C __ A __ G __

    Turnera ulmifolia Turnera ulmifolia
    Sources: Jim Conrad Diego Delso
  10. Floral formula as SVG diagram K5C5A∞G5 K5C5A∞G5 For the floral formula shown on the right, indicate the number of sepals, petals, stamens, and stigmas.
    ____ sepals
    ____ petals
    ____ stamens
    ____ stigmas
  11. ________________________________ What plant has a flower with the above floral formula?
  12. 10 November Invasives The plant shown is considered to be an invasive species on some islands. Here on Pohnpei the plant is not considered invasive and is treated as a native plant used medicinally. Provide either the Latin name or local name for this plant.
    Melastoma malabathricum var. marianum
  13. 12 November Vital Coconut Development Unit Name three products of the Vital CDU.
  14. 17 November Fruit