SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany Midterm • Name:

  1. 20 August Knife safety List key safety tips for proper use of a machete.
  2. 20 August: Banana transplant Define the following terms:
  3. 27 August Monilophyte and Lycophyte hike The hike into the valley west of campus focused on monilophytes and lycophytes.
    1. What are lycophytes?
    2. Name a lycophyte in your language:
    3. What are monilophytes?
    4. Name a monilophyte in your language:
  4. 29 January Primitive plants presentations: For the following Asplenium nidus leaf:
    1. Is Asplenium nidus a □[monilophyte] or a □[lycophyte]?
    2. Is Asplenium nidus □[undivided], □[lobed], □[divided once], or □[divided once, lobed]?
    3. On the diagram above, label the sori.
    4. ______________ What do sori produce?
    5. ______________ What is the name of Asplenium nidus in your local language?
  5. For the following Microsorum scolopendria leaf:
    1. Is Microsorum scolopendria □[undivided], □[lobed], □[divided once], or □[divided once, lobed]?
    2. On the diagram above, label the sori.
    3. ______________ What is the name of Microsorum scolopendria in your local language?
  6. For the following Nephrolepis acutifolia leaf:
    1. Is Nephrolepis acutifolia □[undivided], □[lobed], □[divided once], or □[divided once, lobed]?
    2. On the diagram above, label the pinnae.
    3. ______________ What is the name of Nephrolepis acutifolia in your local language?
  7. 10 September Healing plants walk: Explain the purpose and intent of our walk up into Paies.
    Returning to campus
  8. 15 - 17 September Healing plants presentation: A student gave a presentation in which she noted that a baby crying before sundown could be a sign of spirit sickness in the baby. She went on to note that in some instances the baby may develop diarrhea. She went on to explain possible causes of the diarrhea.
    1. What might a Western evidence-based medicinal doctor conclude is causing illness in the baby and why?
    2. What might a traditional healer conclude is causing illness in the baby and why?
  9. 22 September Pwunso botanic garden visit: Draw a line connnecting the following Latin names with the best matching image.
    1. [Agathis lanceolata: kauri] [Araucaria heterophylla: Norfolk island pine] [Eucalptus deglupta: Mindanao gum tree]

      Eucalyptus deglupta Agathis lanceolata strap-like leaves Araucaria female cone
    2. Why were those three trees brought to Pohnpei?
  10. 01 October Angiosperms: Label the diagram below - which sheet is dicots and which side is monocots?
    monocot and dicot features
  11. 06 October Island Food Community of Pohnpei Define and explain the listed benefit.