Ethnobotany fall 2014 test two • Name:

  1. 07 October Island Food Community What are the CHEEF benefits to local food?
  2. C: _______________ Meaning:
  3. H: _______________ Meaning:
  4. E: _______________ Meaning:
  5. E: _______________ Meaning:
  6. F: _________ ________________ Meaning:
  7. 14 October Food presentations
    taro balls taro balls taro balls
    The three images above are of taro balls brought by three different groups. These images exemplify the reasons why students are required to bring in a food to share and not to simply describe the food without samples. What are those reasons - explain why groups were required to bring in their food.
  8. The students from Yap state brought in the food seen below. What is the food, how is it made, and what is the food used for?
    coconut candy
  9. 21 October Thatching Make sketches that distinguish the two types of thatching exhibited on the 21st, doakoahs en Pohnpei and doakoahs en Ruhk.
  10. 28 October Vital CDU What are the two principal productes of the Vital CDU and according to Peni about how much do they produce?
  11. 30 October Vegetative morphology Label the parts of a leaf.
    Vegetative morphology blade petiole stem
  12. 04 November Floral morphology
    1. Label and identify the following parts of a solitary flower. Include the whorl names as well as the names of the parts.
      Floral morphology petals filament ovary pistil stigma anther sepals
    2. For the preceding flower, write the floral formula based only on the parts shown:
      K _____ C _____ A _____ G _____
  13. Floral formula as SVG diagram K5C5A∞G5 K5C5A∞G5 For the floral formula shown on the right, indicate the number of sepals, petals, stamens, and stigmas.
    ____ sepals
    ____ petals
    ____ stamens
    ____ stigmas
  14. ________________________________ What plant has a flower with the above floral formula?
  15. 06 November Fruit
  16. 13 November Clidemia hirta What is Clidemia hirta and what was the reason for the class being led off across the mud flats to find Clidemia hirta?
  17. 18 November Banana patch clean-up Three banana trees were tentatively identified as a result of the clean-up, name one of the three varieties identified that afternoon.
  18. 25 November Psychoactive substances. What is the name of the psychoactive compound in betel nut?
  19. What is the primary effect on drinkers of dihydrokavain (DHK) and dihydromethysticin (DHM) in the Piper methysticum plant?
  20. What is the primary effect on drinkers of Kavain in the Piper methysticum plant?
  21. 27 November Ceremony. How many cups were served in the nopwei and what were their names?