SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany Midterm • Name:

  1. 21 August Ethnobotany day two walk and talk What is the name in your language for the plant the class in gathered around in the image below?
    Jasminium sambac Jasminium sambac Jasminium sambac
  2. 26 August Banana patch clean-up Why does the ethnobotany class take care of the banana patch, what is the use of that patch to the course content?
  3. 28 August Monilophyte and Lycophyte hike The hike into the valley west of campus focused on monilophytes and lycophytes.
    What are lycophytes?

    What are some examples of lycophytes in your language?

    What are monilophytes?

    What are some examples of monilophytes in your language?
  4. On the hike the instructor noted that plants do not only have uses. Some plants also have cultural/social meanings. Give an example of a plant that has a meaning, the context in which the plant has meaning, and explain the cultural/social meaning of that plant.
  5. 04 September Primitive plants presentations
    A. Sketch Lycopodiella cernua (lycopodium: mah in twefuroh, suhke krismas, kidienmal, kidim en mal, unen katu, gashishil gaatu, pechalgaatuw, gama') and correctly label the strobili, microphylls, and stems. B. Sketch Microsorum scolopendria, (embossed, wart, or monarch fern: sra kwemkwem, kamkam, kideu, chiichi, rhiirhi, shishi, gob) identify the frond shape, and correctly label the sori and rhizome.
  6. 16 September Healing plants presentation Maylani spoke about a tea made from a plant she called remek (Scaevola taccada). The plant was highlighted by the instructor for its ability to grow on both atolls and high islands. What was the healing use of remek described by Maylani?
    Maylani Clarence with remek
  7. 18 September Healing plants presentation The plant Katielyne is holding has been cited by some students as the most important medicine plant in Micronesia.
    What is the local name of Katielyne's plant in your language?

    What is a healing use of Katielyne's plant?
    Katielyne with Morinda citrifolia
  8. 23 September Pwunso botanic garden visit Matching. Connect the following names with the correct image.
    [Agathis lanceolata] [Araucaria heterophylla] [Cycas circinalis]

    Agathis lanceolata strap-like leaves Araucaria
  9. 30 September Gymnosperm presentations Write the leaf shape for the following gymnosperms. Drawing by Melody and Eliza.
    Gymnosperm leaf morphology quiz question
  10. The plant seen in the images was part of the Pwunso botanic garden field trip. Virginia did a presentation on the drink that is made from this plant. What is the name of the following plant?
    Coffee Coffea arabica leaf Coffea arabica fruit
  11. Label the diagram below - which side of the diagram is dicots and which side is monocots?
    monocot and dicot features
  12. What are the key differences between angiosperms and gymnosperms?