Ethnobotany spring 2014 test two • Name:

  1. 27 February Island Food Community What are the CHEEF benefits to local food?
  2. C: _______________ Meaning:
  3. H: _______________ Meaning:
  4. E: _______________ Meaning:
  5. E: _______________ Meaning:
  6. F: _________ ________________ Meaning:
  7. 06 March Haruki walk and talk What was the intent of the Haruki settlement?
  8. What was being grown in Wakamoto, Kitti?
  9. 13 March Vegetative morphology Label the parts of a leaf.
    Vegetative morphology blade petiole stem
  10. 20 March Shunbun no Hi What is Ohigan?
  11. 25 March Carie-Ann's botoaw: gagech is designed to "stand up" with the opening facing up. Benhart's botoaw: garwel' (possibly also known as a soway), is designed not to "stand up". Why?
  12. 27 March The young woman seen in the image will not be "caught" by the nipwepwe. What are the potential cultural and social implications of the loss of the traditions that surround the nipwepwe?
    Nipwepwe also known as Nipwepweia and possibly fánái (fanai). Chuukese love stick.
    LillyJane John
  13. 03 April Floral morphology
    1. Label and identify the following parts of a solitary flower. Include the whorl names as well as the names of the parts.
      Floral morphology petals filament ovary pistil stigma anther sepals
    2. For the preceding flower, write the floral formula based only on the parts shown: K _____ C _____ A _____ G _____
  14. Floral formula as SVG diagram K5C5A∞G5 K5C5A∞G5 For the floral formula shown on the right, indicate the number of sepals, petals, stamens, and stigmas.
    ____ sepals
    ____ petals
    ____ stamens
    ____ stigmas
  15. ________________________________ What plant has a flower with the above floral formula?
  16. 11 March Food Presentations As an instructor I have to generate a marking rubric for the food presentations. Would a marking rubric be appropriate? If appropriate, what should be on the marking rubric? Should the rubric include the physical presentation of the foods? In many cultures food should be presented in an appealing way, would that be appropriate? Can I mark based on apparent effort and difficulty of preparation? Some foods take a lot of work, others may simply be take-out the student bought. Comment thoughtfully and as completely as you can.
    Food in plastic take-out container Kosraean fafa fiti in platter mahng idihd in banana leaf